For Tech Companies

Kick off international growth without the capital expenditure

Looking to Expand?

When expanding overseas you have three options: build, buy, or partner. Building an international subsidiary is expensive and time consuming. Buying a business overseas is even more so. OutBranch is the turnkey method for expansion into Asia Pacific through an experienced partner.

How OutBranch Works

  1. Agree to the territory you want to expand into
  2. Outbranch builds the business plan for an APAC expansion
  3. OutBranch recruits founding team to launch and operate the business
  4. We work together to build a new market presence

For Aussie Founders

Want to do your own thing?

Attention would-be founders and entreprenuers – let us help you launch an enterprise platform business with an advantage. OutBranch gets you straight to growing your own business with a proven US tech partner looking to use the footprint you build as a launchpad into Asia Pacific.

How It Works

We provide you:

  1. Exclusive access to a proprietary tech platform
  2. A proven business model
  3. Business structure and corporate governance
  4. Support from an emerging US partner


The rest is up to you.  Contact us to learn more.